Services - Kenny Stone Photography


 Available to do photos at :  Barrel Races , Bull Ridings , Horse Shows , Rodeos , Ropings  as well as other related events. 

 Please  contact  me to schedule a shoot as far in advance as possible in order to reserve your dates.

Fees / Prices

* Please remember that this is my income. Therefore, I have to ensure that it is profitable. As such, certain fees are necessary in order to cover expenses, time and other variables that are associated with the shoot.    I do try to keep my fees as reasonable (and compared to other photographers) as possible so "thank you" for your  understanding 

* Fees do not include the purchase price of the photos.

* The fee options are explained below and will be discussed when the shoot is being scheduled.                                          

 1. A fee of $100.00 per day for distances within 100 miles of my address

 2. A fee of $150.00 per day for distances beyond 100 miles of my address.  This covers my fee plus added expenses such as over night stay, meals, etc.

 3. Other options available

*  Please feel free to discuss these with me in order to be sure that we both get the best option  available.

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