Sizes , Prices and CDs - Kenny Stone Photography

Purchase Information and Copyrights

All prices include printing and shipping costs.

I try to keep prices as low as possible but please remember that this is my income so I have to set prices so that I can make a profit. 

All photos are legally copyrighted and "locked"against being downloaded and stolen.  You would not want me to steal from you so please do not try to steal from me.

  You may purchase photos in three ways : Print , Digital and multi photo CD.  

1.  Print

     Search through the folder tabs ( Barrel Races, Rodeos, etc. )  

     Select the event date.

     Scroll through the photos to find yours on it

     Click on the "buy photo" link and follow the prompts  to  complete the purchase.          


2.   Digital copy . Available in three versions

*  1.  A photo to be used only for posting on social media.

   The photo will have my " Do Not Copy" watermark to prevent additional photos being made ... $ 20.00

   The reason for the "Do Not Copy " is to prevent everyone from ordering and then downloading so they can then print and make multiple prints for "free" which takes sales money away from me. Also,  I am not accusing everyone of doing this. However, there are some who will, so I have to manage this the same for everyone.

* 2  A  Digital photo without " Do not Copy"

   Although this will not have "Do Not Copy" it will have my logo which prevents it from being copied without a copyright release   $ 25.00

* A copyright release can be purchased for $ 10.00

*  3.  A Digital photo to be used for advertising purposes 

   This will not not have "Do Not Copy" and will come  with a copyright release. $ 50.00

* To Order

   Send me an email to and let me know which photo(s) you want. I will send you a paypal invoice. I will send the photo when paid.


3.  A  photo CD   ( with copyright release ) . CDs cannot be purchased through the website.  They must be ordered directly from me.  ( Details listed below )

* CD must have a minimum of five photos

*  Photos must be of you, direct family members or others riding your horse. 

*  Photos can be mixed from different events

*  The copyright release gives you the permission to copy and edit as needed and is valid for one year.

*   All prices include the purchase, shipping and copyright release form.


 *  A five photo  CD = $100.00  additional photos $10.00 each

To Order

 1.  Scroll through until you find the photo(s) needed

2.  Write down the category folder ( Rodeos, Ropings ,  etc. ) 

3.  Write down the event folder ( ex.   Rockin' B Roping # 8 )
4.  Write down the photo ID number (s)  for the ones you wish to order ( photo number should appear at the bottom of the photo when you select it )   

5.  Email me at with the photo information, as well as, your return address that I can mail the CD to.  I will send you a paypal invoice to your email for payment.  

You may also contact me by phone 931 433 2030 ( home ) or 931 675 0895 ( cell ). and I will reply asap    THANK YOU.

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