Please Read the entire page in order to not miss any important information.

 I am available to do photos at :  Barrel Races , Bull Ridings , Horse Shows , Rodeos , Ropings  as well as other related events. 

Also available to do the photos for Family, weddings, etc. 

Please  contact  me to schedule a shoot as far in advance as possible in order to reserve your dates.

Fees / Prices

* Please remember that this is my income. Therefore, I have to ensure that it is profitable.  As such, for certain types of events,  fees are necessary in order to cover expenses, time and other variables that are associated with the shoot.    I do try to keep my fees as reasonable as possible ( and compared to other photographers ) so "thank you" for your  understanding 

* Fees do not include the purchase price of the photos.

* The fee options are explained below and will be discussed when the shoot is being scheduled.    

*  Please feel free to contact me with any questions in order to get the best arrangement for both of us.     

Rodeos, Ropings, etc. 

* For one day shoots within 100 miles:  This will be a "sales only" event . Therefore, no fee will be charged

* For two or more days and/or distances more than  100 miles :  A fee of $100.00 per day .

Weddings, Family , etc. 

* For one day shoots within 100 miles :  A daily fee of $100.00

* For shoots beyond 100 miles : A daily fee of  $150.00

*  As stated above :  These fees help cover my expenses such as  gas, food, motel ( if multi-day shoot ), etc in order to prevent me from being "out of pocket" before the shoot begins which affects the resulting profit .   

* THANK YOU and I look forward to doing your photos. 

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